The Most Common Stucco Colors To Choose From

The Most Common Stucco Colors To Choose From

Stucco is a bonding agent used to repair a variety of items around your house. Typically, walls and other cement areas of the house require stucco when damaged or cracked. When someone repairs these areas of the house the stucco is generally white or gray, but there are many different options available for repairing the cracks, and you aren’t stuck using the standard stucco. Although you may not have every color of the rainbow available to you, there are plenty of options to choose from, if you want to spruce up the color scheme of the repair process.

Bright White Stucco

A bright white stucco is generally used when repairing the wall. This white is excellent when used outside, especially when behind bushes, trees, and other plants. This is because the white helps push the greens and other colors of the plants forward, making them really pop. However, bright white does show dirt easier, so you do need to wash the area more often, otherwise, it just looks dirty and out of place.

Green Stucco

A green color of stucco is another option. It does the exact opposite of bright white. It generally blends in with the plants, making it harder for people to see where the plants end and the house walls begin. This green also is nice as it does not show much dirt and other debris. Green is often used with different colors, such as white, to help highlight certain areas of the mending process.

Brown Stucco

There are many different brown colors available for stucco. The brown colors are nice when you live in the desert or other dry locations, as it blends nicely with the surroundings. It also reflects lightly well, preventing the house from absorbing the sun’s heat and potentially raising the temperature of the home. The whites are also good for reflecting the sun’s heat, however, with the level of dust and dirt around in the desert, it is going to quickly turn to a sandy brown color in no time.

Other Stucco Color Options

You can get most other colors in stucco, such as red, blue, yellow, and others. These are often used as accent colors and pieces to bring attention to a certain area of the home. This is effective in small doses, but you may not want the entire side in one of these colors. Test out a small section of the wall before covering it up.

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